Workout at Agora Coaching & Nutrition Seminar at Zona Autónoma Coworking

Come and join us for an amazing workout at Agora Coaching gym in Les Corts, followed by a nutrition seminar that will teach you all the basics you need to know for a healthier lifestyle – difference to different foods and carbs, fats, protein, what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’, how much to eat, useful everyday tips to make your lifestyle healthier and easier at the same time. We’ll also give you tips for making healthy smoothies.

We will start at 10:00 at Agora Coaching gym where you will do a one hour sweaty workout with personal coaches John Dee and David Genie – all fitness levels welcome.

At 11:00 you will take a shower at the gym and walk over to Zona Autónoma Coworking (1 min walk) where you will be welcomed by coach Teodora Sklayne.

At 11:30 Teodora will give to you a nutrition presentation including an interactive and fun smoothie-making competition. The seminar will finish at around 12:30-12:45, and then you can stay and socialize for another hour or so, get to know more about the team at Agora Coaching and Zona Autónoma Coworking and of course your fellow healthy lifestyle seekers.

Agora Coaching: Carrer Novell, 24. 08028 Barcelona
Zona Autónoma Coworking: Carrer Galileu, 254, Bajos 2. 08028 Barcelona